Monday, October 29, 2012

The weekend before Halloween

                                                       Image from Louisiana State Library

     After an illness which included a brief stay in the hospital (bleh), I'm back! And seems that I am just in time to enjoy some of the festivities the weekend before Halloween. Halloween brings out the creativity in people, and many events and parties reflect this.

      The major happening this weekend in Baton Rouge was the 9th Annual Louisiana Book Festival. This event takes place on the  grounds of the state capitol building. There are events in the capitol, the state library, the state museum and all throughout the capitol complex. It doesn't do it justice, but here is a picture of the entire event taken from the steps of the capitol. You can kind of see all the tents and events happening in the background.


      You might be saying to yourself "What the heck! I thought this was an art blog! What's all this nonsense about a book festival!?!?" Well...let me just tell you, there were plenty of art happenings at the book festival as well. The most notable was an exhibition of works by the established Louisiana Artist George Rodrigue in the state library. Rodrigue was commissioned to paint a portrait of each of the distinguished authors who spoke at the event. A sample and guide to the images can be found below.

Image from Louisiana State Library

      I think books and art represent a winning combination. In addition to this, the Halloween parade in downtown also took place. This event brought out the costumers and the fun! There was a zombie lown mower club, the Ghostbusters, and a Voodoo N' Tutu's float. All very creative and all very fun.

Zombie Lawnmower club

Ghostbusters Float

VooDoo "n" Tutus Float




Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Update

   These images were posted previously on this blog. However, they are now framed. I am applying to a gallery, and as part of the application process I must submit two original works of art in a framed presentable format. It always amazes me how a simple thing like a frame can tie an image together and make it feel more complete.

   The past two weeks have been total mayhem. I have once again made a move, and although this one was across town, instead of across country, my living space (including my studio) is in total disarray. It will be some time before I am up and running again. I'll keep y'all about what happens. Wish me luck on the gallery application!