Tuesday, November 17, 2015

new work, a new gallery

      I thought I reached the finishing line in my quest to paint two images a month for a year. However, now when I look back at this blog, I see that I was only half way. It was a good idea, I have a lot of good work, and am poised to continue. But at the moment I'm feeling a bit blocked. Below are the final two  images that I created as part of my plan.

The Blue Cabinet

Two Faces at the Same Time
       I originally set out on this project in order to have a fresh body of work to present to the Baton Rouge Gallery as part of my application to be an artist member. When I went to fill out the application though, I began to realize I would not be admitted. I applied once before, and was not accepted, so this time I did some research on the member artists to find out more about what they are looking for. While I think my work stands for itself, when you compare the resume of these artists next to me, I'm not in league with them at all.

     Many of the artists in this gallery have completed or led artists residencies, and a few of them have does this multiple times. I have never participated in an artist residency of any kind. Most of them have also won major awards and recognition for their work. While I have been invited to participate in numerous jurried exhibitions, I have never won a major award. As I took in all this information, I decided to leave my application incomplete. Maybe I will try again next year, but I doubt it. I just don't have the experiences that these other artists do. Rightly or wrongly, this counts against me. I'll just keep painting. Eventually my work will resonate with someone somewhere.


      While I was rethinking my application to the Baton Rouge Gallery, I was invited to join the Part Gallery in  Florida. Part Gallery is unique in that patrons are allowed to rent the artwork for three months before deciding if they want to buy it. I have three pieces, but can add more at any time. The website went live at the beginning of November. You can access it here: http://partgalleries.com/
My work is listed under contemporary. I guess we will see how far this goes.