Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two types of art

The first of this weeks posts addresses the idea of New Media in art. An art professor has implanted a camera in the back of his head, and the video recorded from this camera will be offered as part of an opening of performance art. Read more here. To me this serves as an example of New Media. Although New Media has been growing since the mid to late 20th Century, it has sprung up recently in the last decade or so in a more prominent way. As an artist, I do not have an issue with New Media, I am all for experimentation and exploration. However, I do think art is something that is meant to be understood across a variety of eras and spectrums. How will this stand up to time? After the apocalypse of the modern era, how will archeologists and art historians of the future be able to interpret this type of work? And, is it important that they do? Perhaps my understanding is biased in an unproductive way. What do you think?

The second post for this week addresses human creativity. A graphic was recently released detailing the NFL wins and losses for the season. This image was so popular it went viral. Read about that here. I think that a graphic design created spontaneously and recognized by a wide audience as useful qualifies as art. Again, as an artist I can only wish that an image I have created and posted on the internet would go viral. That would be amazing! Too often I think people perceive art as an abstract high culture activity that only the upper class understand. I believe this to be incorrect. Art is the spirit of creativity, and this graphic represents one example.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Graduate Studies in Library Science

This year marks the first full year that I have been enrolled in the LIS graduate program at the University of Southern Mississippi. This program is ALA accredited, and the specifics can be read here.

As part of my studies I am enrolled in LIS 558 Internet Resources and Applications. This course examines on-line tools, and social networks in the library. What I have learned thus far, both in this class and in the others I have taken, has been amazing. Librarianship is a fascinating subject.

Since the majority of postings on this blog are about art, and art related issues, I will close by adding that I hope to one day use my degree in an Art Library. More information about art librarianship can be found at the Art Library Society Web site. A link is here.