Monday, September 25, 2017


Unfortunately I missed posting in August. There was quite a bit happening including securing a solo show in February. I'm still working out the details, but I have already begun framing pieces that I plan to show. I'm actually speaking to other artists to share the space with. It's a large gallery and I could never fill the space by myself. Plus, I like working with other artists. I would like to collaborate on a joint project one day as well. For now though let's focus on the show! Only five months to go.  

Loch-Elvert with her artwork.
 recently had the pleasure of attending a show of recent works by Baton Rouge based artist Regina Loch-Elvert ( Her paintings are full of color, and energy, and are very expressive. I got the chance to talk to her about some of her work, and here is what she said:

PK: Who are you and what do you do?
RLE: I am a painter, who occupied herself since early childhood creating art mainly painting and drawing. I also teach studio classes. Besides that I am a big animal lover.
PK: Why do you do what you do?
RLE: It is essential for me to create and express myself through art.
PK: How do you work?
RLE: I paint continuously in my studio, constantly trying to improve my art, to become more universal. I overpaint a lot, my paintings are always changing.

The idea of overpainting was interesting to me. I had interpreted this to mean she had a tendency to overwork a painting. Something that I have found myself doing from time to time. However, when I asked for clarification she responded:

RLE: I mean to paint over existing colors and shapes. Oil paint is easy to use and paint over or even mix on the canvas with other paint. I cannot see the 2 images.
PK: What themes do you pursue?

RLE:  I try to express spiritually through compositions of color combinations and shapes, creating spaces, athmospheres. My themes are expressed visually and therefore it would not be the same to express them verbally. I hope my art speaks to others and evokes emotions and making sense to the viewer. I like to express something sublime.
PK: What’s integral to the work of an artist?
RLE: I hope I will always be able to create art, paint, to have a space, and can afford to rent a space and material.
PK: What art do you most identify with?
RLE: . I admire a lot of different artists from different time periods, from the Reneaissance to the Classical Period to Abstract Expressionism (e.g. W. Turner, J. Constable, de Kooning, Arshile Gorki, Hans Hoffman, and also admired Romaticism.
PK: How has your practice changed over time?
RLE: My themes have changed over time from figurative to landscape to abstraction.
Originally influenced by German Expressionists while growing up in Germany.

      I extend my thanks to Regina Loch-Elvert. It’s good for artists to interact with one another and see some of the similarities and differences in how they practice and in what they are thinking about. I was particularly struck with how Loch-Elvert responded to the question of why she does what she does. She said that it was “...essential for me to create and express myself…” a feeling that I also share. As an artist I often feel like I have to create, it is a part of my being and not something that I could give up. I don’t feel right if I am not working on a painting, drawing, or a sketch of some kind. And it is very reaffirming to know that there are those out there who share this same experience.

      My favorite piece from her show follows.

"Old Woman"-2016