Monday, May 14, 2012

Three part post

      This past weekend I attended the "Hot Art Cool Nights" art hop in Baton Rouge. It was great, there were many things to see and experience. I think events like this are good for getting art and community together, which is something that art is supposed to do. In addition, I also found out about a cool Website that brings art and observers together in one location, and finally I finished a painting that I had been working on. So many art happenings, all at one time!

      "Hot Art Cool Nights" was an art exhibit that took place across several venues in central Baton Rouge. It happens annually, but this is the first one I attended. More about it can be read here. Attendance seemed a little low, but I attribute that to the stormy weather. At one point I was certain it was going to rain.
        For those hearty individuals that did come out, there was much to see. One of the things I enjoyed most, was the seemingly impromptu set ups. Art was there, and people came. This idea represents a simple concept but one that worked successfully.
      One location that I really enjoyed was in the supermarket. Art and a live band were set up adjacent to the meat department! (There was also free wine tasting at this stop). There's just something inherently funny about art being set up and offered next to fresh cuts of meat. Good news if you came to look at and purchase art, not so good if you just stopped in for some bologna and bacon.
   I concluded the evening by sitting down and listening to the music. It was very good, and despite the photograph there were plenty of people-watching opportunities also. 

      The Website that I found out about is called Pictify. I do not know how long it has been in existence, but the concept is very similar to Pinterest. The difference is that all of the images are works of art, many loaded by the art museums that display them. If you are addicted ti Pinterest and you like art, then this is a site for you. You can explore it here.


      This image represents one of my most recent paintings. It's called the dance of life, and it builds on the techniques and experiments I have been discussing in recent posts. What do you think?

      Well, that is is for this week. More art to come in the future! Keep checking my website, there will be updates soon!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fest for all/Stabbed in the Art

      Last week I mentioned that "Fest for All" and "Stabbed in the Art," two different but art related events were to take place. I did attend both, and they were very good. I am a member of the Louisiana Art and Artists Guild (LAAG) and there is a meeting scheduled this week. There is also an "art hop" event taking place sponsored by the Mid city South Merchants. It is supposed to feature artists, galleries, and offers viewers free rides from venue to venue throughout mid Baton Rouge. This event is called "Hot Art, Cool Nights." I plan to go to these events as well, and will of course let you know about it here. Before moving to Baton Rouge, I figured there would be some kind of art scene, but I had no idea it would be this thriving!

      "Stabbed in the Art" is a monthly exhibition and art party. It features the work of 12-24 artists, a live DJ, and an open bar. It takes place in an out-of-business neighborhood market in the Garden District of Baton Rouge. The owner of the building opens it up once a month for this purpose. This open forum offers artists the opportunity to socialize, network, display and sell their work in a common area. The event is very positive, and although I have only been one time so for, I think the quality and content of work will be different each time. I am excited about next months exhibition!

     "Fest for All" was an art exhibition and sale that featured artists form across the country. I spoke to some artists from as far away as Missouri and Nebraska. In addition, the Shaw Center,  offered free admission throughout the weekend. This art festival also offered food, music, artist demos, and events for children. Some  photos from the event are below. I had a very good time and saw some interesting work. It reminded me of the Des Moines Arts Festival in Iowa, an event that I helped with in the past.

      I have also been very busy in my studio. In addition to the exhibition opportunities I wrote about last week, I was contacted by the New Emerging Artists Houston Art Fair. I plan to submit some work there as well, and so my studio is jammed packed with activity and multiple projects. 

It's going to be a busy, art infused spring! As new events occur, I will write about it here. Please post your comments, see you next time.