Tuesday, March 20, 2018


   Following  the success of my show last month, I am attempting to join the NUNU Art Collective in Arnaudville, LA. From the Nunu website: "The NUNU Collective is an educational nonprofit that works to encourage the devlopment of artistic talents, skills, knowledge and business savvy by connecting artists with other artisits, businesses, organizations and programs. It serves as a stage/platform, gallery for creative living by facilitating community, economic, and artistic/cultural development."

The NUNU logo.

      I have visited the NUNU a few times. I have seen some of their galleries, and it is a nice space with a lot of positive energy. The variety of art is exceptional. They have everything from quilts and jewelry, to traditional paintings and photography.

A view of one of the interior gallery spaces.

       They have a show coming up, and I was invited to participate in that as well. I dropped off a few paintings over the weekend. Now all I have to do is wait and see if I am jurried in. More information about the NUNU can be found here: http://nunuaccollective.homesteadcloud.com/

      I n addition to all of that news, Artsfest is happening at the college where I work. Artsfest is an annual event that is free and open to students and to the public . It is an opportunity to experience visual, performing, and creative arts of all kinds. Over the years I have seen some amazing events,and some incredible work.

      As part of this event, the organizers have been decorating the library display area for the past few years. This year they have outdone themselves. Ceramics students were asked to create vessels, or decorative pots for plants. I'm not sure if they were required to actually put plants in the pots once they were finished, but it looks like all of them did so.

The library display area featuring pottery and plants. 

      One of my favorite pieces is displayed prominently on the end. The pot is primarily blue. I seem to be attracted to blue, and is a color that I use frequently in my own work. There's also something about the color blue that appeals to the masses. When I took pottery classes the common idea if one wanted to sell their work was to just glaze it blue.

My favorite pot, pictured to the right. 

    It feels good to be part of a community and an organization that values the arts. There are some in my corner of Louisiana that think Baton Rouge is devoid of culture and creativity, and it is nice to see evidence where this idea is challenged. 

     T o wrap things up, I thought I would show the progress on my latest painting. I am back to faces, and this investigation is likely to continue for some time. This image is of the beer man, and is based on my grandfather who spent many years working for Coors in Coloroado


Progress on my latest painting.