Monday, April 8, 2019


      I have been researching Blogs lately. I've been looking at how they are used, and who reads them. Blogs are not as popular as they were 10 years ago. Most people spend less than 15 minutes looking at an individual blog, and even less time reading the content. Many never read a blog entry through to the end. With this in mind, my postings are going to be brief. I'm going to show what I have been working on, and works in progress.

   This image is what I am currently working on. I have received positive feedback on many of my railroad related imagery. This is surprising to me because I always work with railroad images as a sort of test bed. I  experiment and test new techniques using these images, but never really planned on doing much else with them. I certainly never expected to share them.

      This is of a painting I finished over the weekend. This is how it looked as I was just getting started. I plan to photograph the finished piece and get it up on the Website soon.