Thursday, May 19, 2011

Salvador Dali

Now that I have completed my graduate program (see here and here ), and graduated, I can get back to posting here with regularity. Last week was Salvador Dali's birthday (May 11). Salvador Dali was a prominent painter in the surrealist movement. While I was never a huge fan of his art, it is interesting and worth examining. As an undergrad my roommate was huge fan, and had posters of Dali's artwork on the walls.

The notion of creating imagery based on the subconscious is not an easy feat. I have tried to do this a few times and have not been pleased with the results. I most recently tried to do this with my last painting. I found a piece of paper that had been scuffed. In these random markings I could make out elements of Greek architecture, and I decided to take this paper home in order bring out what I was seeing. As I was working other elements began to emerge, including a dancer, and an overgrowth of weeds. The image can be viewed below.

Although I do not like this painting, I am presenting it here in recognition of Dali and the surrealists. What do you think? You can comment on the painting, Dali, Surrealism, or whatever. I'll be posting again next week.