Sunday, June 9, 2013

Exhibition happenings and update

      So the last time I posted here, this is the image I was working on. I have since finished it and thought I should post the completed image. I am still in a transitional phase and still working largely with the figure (shoulder and head studies to be specific). I'm not  sure how long this will continue. I have always used the figure as a means to practice, and I feel like staying in this practice phase for a while.

     In other news, I have exhibition updates. On June 1st I had an exhibition of recent works at the  Central Park Zoo in New York. Had I been up on my blogging, I could have notified you and perhaps you could have come out and seen it. The next opportunity begins tomorrow at the Lessedra Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. Tomorrow begins the Annual World Art print exhibition, of which I am participating. I wrote earlier about how I was working on some intaglio prints for exhibition and it turns out they were accepted. The reception is on June 13. So, if you are in or around Sofia, you may want to stop in and have a look. Unfortunately I will not be there. Perhaps another time. Those are all my updates for now. I'll keep working, post your comments!