Wednesday, June 20, 2018


My current project that is taking way to long.

       Greetings! The image above is what I am currently working on. I have become quite frustrated and angry with this image. While I like what is happening with the composition and overall picture, it is taking entirely too long to complete! I started this painting at the end of April with the idea of finishing sometime in May. I had ideas about posting the progress of this painting step-by-step as my May blog. But as time passed, and the end of may grew closer and closer it seemed like this goal would not be achieved. And indeed, I missed my May blog post!  Despite all that, this image is still not complete.

      As I continue to work on this painting I will also continue to document progress. So one day, hopefully quite soon, I can post the completed image along with the step-by-step photographs. I suppose that this has not been a project of total loss, as I have created some lovely sketches of crows for use in this image. 
A sample of the crow sketches.
However, I am anxious to return to painting faces. In my last post I commented that I wanted to take a break. Well, I think that break has lasted long enough and have already begun to do some sketches of faces for future paintings. The important thing is to keep at it, and keep painting. I know for many artists that this can sometime be a struggle. Especially when the timing of things does not work out.  

Some sketches I want to turn into paintings.

A sculpture, and the postcard from a recent show

      I have also been attending more art openings and receptions. It's good to get out and see some live art. It gets ideas flowing and allows for one to see how other artists are working and thinking. The above image was a ceramic piece featured at a show for local art teachers at the Firehouse Gallery in Baton Rouge. It was my favorite work at the show, and I am not surprised it was selected to represent the show on the postcard. It's not often that local art teachers are recognized, so this was an excellent opportunity for them. Keep watching this space for more info about exhibitions and artist interviews.