Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year, new art

   Happy New Year! It seems a bit odd to be saying that this late. But as this is my first post for 2013....Happy New Year!

    So far, 2013 has many things happening. Of course, here in Louisiana it is Mardi Gras time. This season tends to bring out the creativity in may people. The excitement, energy, and expressive nature of the costumes, colors, and festivities are a bit intoxicating (heheheh). But that is not all that is happening.

   One of the events I am most looking forward to is the Surreal Salon V sponsored by the Baton Rouge Gallery. You may remember my mentioning of Surreal Salon IV last year.  That was great. The photo above was taken during those festivities (I'm the one on the far left).
    The show features pop and surreal art from across the country. The quality of work is excellent, but the big fun comes during the soiree. You are encouraged to come in a costume, and many of the costumes are very elaborate. In addition, there is live music. This year The New Orleans Bingo! Show will be the featured band. It's going to be very fun. I'm not going to be costumed this year, but the fun will still be had! The show is currently open, but the soiree is next Saturday (1-26-13) at the Baton Rouge Gallery in City Park. If you are in or around Baton Rouge next weekend I highly encourage you to attend.

    Anyway, I have also been busy painting. I have mostly been continuing with the locomotive series, but I have also been working on some figure studies. Here are some samples: