Monday, December 18, 2017


Highland Coo. The last painting of 2017

So, I have wrapped up the last painting I will do this year. It seems semi appropriate to be ending the year on an image inspired by my travels through Scotland. That period of time in my life continues to be an inspiration point for me and my work. I have created many paintings and drawings based on what I experienced in Scotland, and before completing this image, I had more or less thought I was done exploring these ideas. However, it doesn't take much to jog your brain and return to an idea that you had, perhaps years ago, and begin exploring where you left off.

This painting:

Another painting of inspiration that
reminds me of Scotland.
  also reminds me of my time in Scotland and is going to act as the starting point for my next image. One of the places I visited was the Orkney Islands. Upon arriving for the first time I was greeted by a leafless tree covered in crows all cackling and crowing. It was a rather ominous welcome, but it has stuck with me all these years. This image reminds me of that, and it is from this point that I will begin my next painting.

      I am also preparing for my show, which runs February 12-16. That's only a few short weeks to go! I've got three more paintings to frame, and other last minute details to complete. After the holidays, I will meet with the gallery for a walk-through and to finalize the last details. It's exciting, but there's much work to do as well.  I'm planning on speaking with another artist soon to post another interview here. If you missed the first one look here.