Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Format

      Very recently I was asked to complete the above drawing. It had been some time since I actually worked on a drawing and not a painting. Sure, I have sketched and put ideas together, but those images have all been to use later in a completed painting. This is a drawing and was always intended to be a drawing.
      The purpose of this drawing is for a family reunion. The person I was drawing it for showed me a photograph of a trunk that had belonged to her great grandmother. It had been her sole possession and it was in this trunk that she kept all of her belongings. Many generations later, everyone in the family knows and recognizes this trunk. Symbolically, it was from this trunk that her family tree grew and developed, and that is what is captured in this image.
      Completing this drawing was a pleasure. I really enjoyed the concept, and since I have spent so much time painting, I had forgotten how wonderful it is to compose an image in charcoal alone. I am going to have to spend more time creating drawings.        

Recent Works
Completed image from previous post


  The last post I made was a few months ago. In it I detailed a painting I was working on, and questioned how long it would take me to finish it. I took me approximately two weeks to finish this painting. Which i think is about average. What do you think about the completed image?

Recent painting

      I have since completed some other images since I wrote about this one. They are also related to the figure, and they all have books in them. I have started to include books in my imagery, partly because I am a librarian, but more importantly because books have such great visual appeal.

Recent painting

      The images that I am currently working on also follow this trend. I had intended to post some pictures of them in progress, but as of this writing. I have not taken any pictures of them yet. Check back later, and I may add them after this message is posted.

Future Updates

       Future updates to this blog will be similar to this new format. I don't think I will be updating weekly, as I just don't have the readership. But I will post at least monthly, and each posting will include more than one idea broken up into featureettes like this. I like it. I think it adds a new dimension moving forward.