Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 2017


    Whew! July has flown by! I've been meaning to update this blog all month, and have only now, at the end, found some time to share my thoughts for this month. First off, I would like to share the completed painting that I posted here last month.

I finished this image in late June. I have already started another, but for now it is in the planning/sketching phase. The sketches are not much to look at. They are really just notes for what I am planning to do. So, I won't share those here. But, I'll post an image once I have begun in earnest. I have a ridiculous schedule right now, and haven't devoted the time I'd like towards art. That should change very soon.

One of the things I did this month was visit New York City. While I was there I spent some time at the  Guggenheim. A part of their collection features some paintings by Amedeo Modigliani. I respond to his figurative work and look for inspiration for my figures in what he has done before me. In the image below, taken while I was in New York, you can see what ideas I am working with. I love the eyes, and the colors used on the figure. I have adapted that to my figure, and built on what Modigliani has dome. There are many other artists that have also inspired my work, But, for this post I just want to focus on what I have seen recently. Looking at other art is as important to the art making process as physically sketching/painting, and it's nice to reflect on how what I am seeing shows up in my work.

      One of the things I struggle with, is what to include in this blog. I'd like it to be about my thought processes, my ideas, and my responses to art. I would like this to include both my work, and the work of others. To some degree, that is exactly what this blog is about. But, much as it is important to look at other artworks when making art, it is important to look at other writings about art when blogging about art. There are a few art blogs, and sites that follow pretty regularly. But, a recent write up on Artspace examined 8 blogs written by artists. It's a good read and has given me some ideas for my own blog. If you are interested in art, and how artists think, I would recommend looking at this article. And definitely take a look at some of the blogs mentioned.

That's it for now. August is right around the corner. So the next update may just come next week.