Monday, October 30, 2017


almost forgot to post for October! It has been very hectic lately. I am still preparing for my show in February, and I have been busy framing and selecting works to show. But I have also been working on new paintings. This is what I currently have on my easel:

Highland Coos

  I could write about how I have been reflecting on my time in Scotland. I could write about how I have carried this image of highland coos in my head for quite a  while. I could even write about how this image, seen in a coffee shop earlier this year:

Seen in a coffee shop recently
 reminded me that I should go ahead and paint that image of the highland coos that's been rolling around in my head. But honestly I'm tired. I don't want to write about those things. I'm just going to leave this post as is.

As an aside, did you see the interview last month? I thought that was pretty fun. I would like to interview more artists about their work. Wanna be featured? Drop me a line, we'll set something up.