Sunday, May 3, 2009

Artists' Statements

Recently, I was discussing artists' statements with a friend. My friend stated that artists' statements were completely unnecessary. As an artist I will say I do not like writing artist statements, either for individual works or for my work as a whole. That said, I would not go so far as to say they are completely unnecessary. As I have said before, and will probably state in the future, I firmly believe art is a tool for communication. Artist statements just add another layer to the conversation. When a viewer examines a work, he/she is going to bring his/her own interpretation to that viewing. This interpretation may be entirely different from what the artist intended. By including an artist statement, the artist has the opportunity to set the mood/stage for what the work is about. In this regard the viewer and the artist can relate to one another in a way they may not otherwise be able. I'm sorry I have no images this week. I am traveling, and am away from my computer files. As always, please leave your comments for me to respond to. See you next week.

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