Monday, September 21, 2009

Recent work

So, I didn't post last week. It was quite hectic, and there was a lot going on. This week I am posting about my most recent project. This December I will be part of a group exhibition that had asked everyone to produce a depiction of "chair." I decided to use the idea of Chair as in chairman, or chair person.
The way I approached this idea was to examine Chairman Mao. Portraiture is not my strong point, and I'm not sure how it is going. But the above image is meant to illustrate how my project is going. it may not look exactly like the other images of Chairman Mao, but I definitely think it has that look and feel of communist leader portraiture. What do you think? I have to submit this image by the the end the week, so I need to finish it up. Post your comments. I would love to see how people respond to my work before it is finished.

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Dawn said...

you might think your portraiture is lacking but when the picture came up up I said in my mind "Huh, why is pete drawing chairman mao?" hahahah