Monday, April 26, 2010

Art Fairs

I recently entered a local art show/fair for third time. Some artists that I know refuse to display their work in art fairs. They have said that it's too local, too small-time, and the quality of work represented is not very good. I'm not sure this is a correct assessment, but I will take any opportunity to show my work.

I think that generally speaking the work found in local art shows (regardless of the region in which you live)does tend to be of poor quality. However, I am also of the opinion that much of the art in recognized gallery settings is also lacking great value. The bigger issue, at least for me, is the opportunity to have your work seen. The more you show, the more you will be recognized. I would add that one never knows who is going to show up at these shows, and what exhibition opportunities may result. Art is a form of communication and the more venues used to this end, the better.

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