Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Juried Art Shows

My work was recently accepted for an upcoming juried art exhibition. I am very excited about this, but feel I must also address the nature of juried art shows. Usually these shows are juried by a panel of experts or one individual art professional. Although firmly established, this process seems somewhat arbitrary. For this show 230 works were submitted, and only 33 were accepted. I understand the idea of promoting only the best work, but should this determination be made by only one individual or group?

Art, especially my art, is used as a means of communication, and I strongly feel that the best messages are conveyed to a broad audience. If work that is meant for a large spectrum is only viewed by a select few, is the message really being sent? These are open ended questions. I don’t really believe this process is going to change, nor am I certain that it should. These are just thoughts to consider as an artist. What is your opinion?

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