Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walking with artists

I am a fan of NPR. I listen to it constantly. Today, they ran a piece on "Studio 360" about Maira Kalman, an established national artist. One of the things she does is maintain a blog for the New York Times. it can be read here.
I was interested in the NPR story because of the the way the artist described her working process. Much of her subject matter derives from walking around the city and making careful observations. She will take photographs, interact with shopkeepers, and try to take in as much as she can.
It is my impression that many non-artists are amazed by how artists think about the world around we live in, and how this leads to inspirations. This perspective is over thought. It doesn't take earth shattering experiences to create art. One has to just look around. Kalman is one artist that does this very well.

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