Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Web Site

I have not posted here in about two weeks. That is because I have been hard at work updating, revising, and moving the host of my Web Site. The new site (screenshot above) can be accessed by clicking here.

I am still going to need to do a few refinements and fine tuning, but I think the new site is great. It's cleaner, easier to navigate, and updated. I am very happy with it. After looking it over, if you would, leave your comments. I always try to get people to critique my Web Site but nobody ever wants to do it.

While working on this project I thought about digital media and the idea of new media. This is art that is made with technology. It usually involves the use of computers, but not always. More info here.

In general I am uncertain how I feel about new media. Perhaps this is because I have not seen any really fantastic new media pieces. However, I once asked the curator of contemporary art at a national museum what he thought about new media. His actual response was: "It's mostly crap." So it would seem that my perceptions are not far off the professional viewpoint. But it makes me wonder: Is there any fantastic New Media Out there? Have you seen any? Is it possible to create a new media work of art that really communicates to people? What do you think?

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dawn said...

Dude your new site is totally great! Much better navigation.