Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Show

This past Saturday I went to a one-night all-night art show. To have the exhibition at night for one night only, added to the experience of the art. The painting above is an example of the art shown, created by William G Osborne III.

Osborne wrote, in his artist statement, that his art was meant to be experienced as it was. The works were not meant to be complicated depictions, but full representations of optical imagery. He stated that each image was based on something he had seen/experienced but that it was not important for viewers to know what. By exhibiting them for one night at night, the artist created an environment in which to focus solely on that art. If one were to step right outside the gallery, darkness and solitude would envelop.

The view up the street:

The view down the street:

There was little else going on.

I found the concept of the show interesting, but I was not terribly impressed by the art as it stood alone. I think that had this show been open during normal gallery hours, the impact of the work would not be as effective. In this case the exhibition was less of a show and more an installation piece.

Some upcoming shows that I might attend are below.

Encaustic Printmaking Exhibition March 10-April 6
Reception Saturday March 24

LSU Art Faculty Exhibition March 7-30
Reception Friday, March 9

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I like the concept of at night one night only, but the art would have to be something different than what is in the photo. Maybe depicting a special event or something that would make you feel it more at night, then carrying the feelings with you into the darkness and thinking and rethinking about it.