Monday, April 23, 2012

Artist Update

      I have once again been invited to participate in the Cultural Association art exhibition in Civitanova Italy. The exhibition is May 20th-July 8th in the Cultural Association Gallery. The image above is the one I created for this show. The theme was arts and crafts makers.

      For quite a while I was uncertain what I would submit to this exhibition. I originally thought about doing something with weavers and/or spinning wheels. I still think that might be an interesting idea to explore, perhaps I will do so at a later date. After discussing different ideas with a co-worker (she suggested cheese making), I decided to experiment with wine making. The completed image is interesting, but I think I may need to explore this idea further.

      I like my pallet choices. I find the colors in this image to be very soothing, and I think they create an almost sleepy atmosphere. As I was working this image, I was torn between using distorted, representational figures, or more accurate, naturalistic ones. The result of this quandary is a kind of combination of both ideas. The figure in the foreground is more representational, while the one in back is somewhat more naturalistic. The same idea was carried though in the ellipse of each wine barrel which virtually divides the painting in two. This division is bridged by the viewer’s eye as it moves across and down the page. I think the addition of a third, even more distorted figure, (perhaps in the lower right corner) would add to this image. I was limited to specific dimensions for the exhibition, and I think working with a larger picture place would also benefit the composition.

      These are my considerations for this painting. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I like it! I almost expect the figures to start swaying left and right as they pick up first one foot, then the other. The lighting suggests sunset, the illusion of swaying as you look from one figure to the other is all suggests evening and unwinding and peacefulness. Lovely.

Klublog said...

I'm glad you enjoy it! It's great to get viewer feedback.