Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rain makes for creativity

      While most of the rest of the country is in full-on drought mode, it's been really rainy here in Louisiana. I find that this makes for the perfect opportunity to go to the studio and make something. There was a question, posted anonymously, asking if I had finished the above painting. So as you can see, yes, it is finished. In addition to this, I have started another painting, I have altered the look of this blog (did you notice?!?! I wanted it to more closely match my Web Site.), and I am getting ready to update my Web Site. So there's a lot to do when it's raining non-stop and I don't feel like going outside. 

      While reworking my blog space, all the librarians I work with made the discovery of I had already known about this site from library school, but apparently it was new to them. This site does a variety of things, but the most fun is the word cloud generator. By submitting the text, or URL from a Web Page, wordle analyzes the text and creates a textual image based on the most commonly used words. It's a fun way to determine what the main ideas of a written work are all about. The word cloud for this blog looks like this:

    I think wordle is addictive. Try it, it's great. For the heck of it I went ahead and did both of my master's theses. They look like this:

    The one on the left is my college teaching degree, and the one on the right is my library degree. From looking at all three of these word clouds, it's apparent that I spend a lot of time thinking about art. That's cool with me, because I enjoy art. Well, I'm off to do the things I mentioned in this post. So, be sure to look at my Website, and we'll see whats happening next time. 


Veg said...

I like Full Circle. Especially the stained glass windows on the church.

Anonymous said... is interesting, never heard of it before. Also of interest is the subject matter of this painting...may I know why you included the cemetery as well as the church in the background of a newlywed couple? The beginning and the end? To most, birth is the beginning associated with death as the end. This is a new twist, and food for thought.

Klublog said...

I did want to add a new way of thinking about life and death. I also wanted to focus on the idea of marriage as beginning a new life, and how it is supposed to be forever. I also considered the shadow that the Church and religion play in marriage, death and life. I thunk all of this is very well represented