Wednesday, June 3, 2015


      These are the paintings I have completed for May. People in Louisiana have been after me to paint an image of a cabin/shack in the woods, or on the bayou for some time. Apparently these images are very poplar down here. I have been told "they sell like hot-cakes!" So, the image on the top is a reflection of this push. 

      The second image was an attempt to play with texture and address the issue of "edge." I decided that the yellow and blue stripes in the background resemble wallpaper. But, I didn't just want to paint a wall paper wall, so I attempted to reveal a 3-d edge on the left hand side. You can get a sense on this when looking at the yellow tonal shifts from the blank canvas on the far left. I don't know how successful this idea was. I do like the idea of a 3-d edge in a 2-d painting. I may want to explore this idea further later on. 

    I'm thinking of going out sketching this weekend. It's been a while since I have gone out and done that. So, that might be a good idea. If I do, I will share some of those sketches here.    

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Veg said...

Just read, interesting. I like the 3D, looks like a curtain of ribbons or something like it. The cabin is good, but bet folks would prefer it in the foreground and the stoke in the background...but then again, maybe not! As usual, I like your technique.