Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Science! 37" X 42"

      July was an unusual month. I was not home for much of the month, and when one is out it is very difficult to paint! I did manage to finish the painting above. It stands out as conspicuous to most of my other images. However, this is an older painting that I abandoned 8 years ago, rediscovered, and then decided to complete. It is truly unexpected to see something that was put away, and then re-imagine what could have been.  

     I also managed to make it to an art opening.

Art opening and reception for Janelle Hebert
  This show and reception was for Janelle Hebert. Her landscapes are particularly interesting to me, and aptly capture the Louisiana countryside. For one who has not lived in Louisiana for very long, these images present the unfamiliar in a familiar light. My favorite image from the show is featured here:


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Veg said...

I like the image you shared, too. Reminds me of places I've seen before.