Monday, November 16, 2009

This weeks post is in reference to a recent article found in the current issue of Art Calendar. The article is by Elena Parashko, and addresses the idea of being persistent in communicating with galleries and other arts professionals.

Parashko began her article by reminding readers to know the difference between persistence and annoying. She explained that it may difficult to know exactly when one should give up on a prospective gallery, but commented that relentless pursuit is probably a path towards resentment.

She said communication is essential, but not to overwhelm patrons. One suggestion she expressed was to develop an online address book of gallery owners, clients, and other art lovers. Then put together a monthly or bimonthly newsletter that could be sent to these individuals. She offered this as a way to keep in touch with potential prospects without having to be in constant contact.

I found this article interesting. I think a newsletter is a very good idea, but I'm not sure it would work in every situation. When I was in art school I was taught that artists should wait to be approached by galleries, not the other way around. If an emerging artist does not have many contacts, to whom is he/she going to send a newsletter? Parashko did not really discuss options for artists just beginning their career. As there are many artists at this level, I think that this is something that could be considered.

Parashko, E. 2009. Being Persistent or Being a Pest? Art Calendar. December 2009 January 2010

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