Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paintings in the news

This week two paintings were in the news. It isn't often that paintings make the papers, so I thought I would respond to these news items. The first is about Picasso's The Actor, and the second is about the Mona Lisa, and Leonardo DaVinci.

Earlier this week a lady visiting The Metropolitan Museum of art tripped and fell into Picasso's The Actor. This resulted in a rather severe tear. The full story can be read here. I find this type of thing humerus. While I feel very bad for the woman involved and would not want to be in her shoes, I think this incident serves as an example of the impermanence of things. I think this is especially true for art. Far to often galleries, museums, and collectors view their art as this precious item, that is meant to last forever. Nothing lasts forever, and this proves it. Things can be damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Nothing is too sacred as to be permanent. A photo of the painting before it was slashed can be viewed below.

The second item concerns the Mona Lisa, and the painter that created it; Leonardo DaVinci. Apparently, new evidence has come to light that may show how this painting is actually a self portrait. There are some Italians that want to exhume DaVinci's grave and run some tests. This story can be read here. In my opinion this is just silly. Who cares if the Mona Lisa was meant as a self portrait or not? Is that really going to change the painting? I doubt it. There will always be those that disagree with whatever the outcome of the tests is, so this exercise isn't going to solve anything. I'm including a picture of the Mona Lisa as well (although I'm sure you already know what it looks like.)

Those are my thoughts on these news items. What do you think? Leave your response in the comments.

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Dawn said...

Why is everyone always trying to figure out the Mona Lisa? What's wrong with a little mystery?