Monday, January 16, 2012

The second two point post

The above video from YouTube is the first of a two topic post. A written article from NPR describing this sculpture in detail can be found here. There is much about this work that I find appealing. Not the least of which is how Chris Burden (the artist) describes this as a means of getting away from the work he normally does. Burden typically works in conceptual/performance art. Taking time to get away from how one typically works and "playing" was the theme of last weeks post, and it is good to see others out there with a similar philosophy to my own.

Playing is an integral element of this sculpture, and for me, a sense of fun is derived from simply observing the video. I also like how something as simple as gravity and free-rolling cars can recreate the visual chaos of everyday humanity. The noise, the movement, and the cyclical nature of the cars endlessly looping are very descriptive of life in the city.

Courtesy Andrea Fuhrman

The second topic of this post relates to graffiti art. There is much written about graffiti art, with some artists even gaining recognition for their works. Bansky is but one example. The article, linked here, examines graffiti differently. Here images painted on railroad cars are examined, and then micro images are created from them. Andrea Fuhrman, the artist who produced this work, described how she got interested in working this way. Her insights are unique, and I found her story of how she became an artist interesting. The paths we take as artists, and what has lead us to them is always different, and I think it is partially what shapes each individual artistic vision.

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