Friday, December 21, 2012

New works

This will most likely be the last post of, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Last week I attended a seminar sponsored by the Art Library Society of North America (ARLIS-NA). It was very good. The main topic was creativity in the library and how to integrate more creative programming into your library.

Among the many take-aways I got from this discussion was how to stay motivated and creative. This point was reinforced by the description to work on something everyday. This is a philosophy that I have tried to practice since art school. However, many distractions over the years have pushed me away form actually practicing this idea. I then resolved to paint something everyday.

Two themes emerge if you look at my art work over time. Railroads and the figure are two topics that I have returned to many times when practicing, and it was these ideas I returned to for my daily paintings. The image above represents one of the figure studies I have been working on. Below is one of the railroad:

And here is another:   

I like these images, but so far I think I like the train pictures better. What do you think?

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Veg said...

I think you are a train buff! I like the engine, but also like the figure and her surroundings. Hope to see the actual paintings some day.