Monday, December 3, 2012

Taking Stock

      It's pretty funny how I wrote that I was back... and then didn't post anything for a month. Whats up with that? I don't know. I don't have any real answers. As you may recall, I recently moved. And my studio is not back up and running yet:

      I have been spending time organizing, moving boxes, and getting things ready. Anyway, one aspect of this has been to take stock of what I have, what supplies are available, etc. I have been looking through my paint supplies and compiling a list of hues I will need to restock.

      I went home for thanksgiving, and stopped by the 710 Bookstore. This was the store I used all throughout my undergraduate and graduate art studies. It is actually a very good art supply store. I never fully realized or appreciated this fact until I moved someplace that lacks a good art store. I have had to rely on mail orders.

      Ordering supplies works, sometimes they are even cheaper than buying from the store. I confess that I never purchased all my supplies from 710. I have always relied on ASW as a back up ( I have been known to have them on speed dial). They are good to work with, but there are other possibilities. Jerry's Artarama
and Dick Blick come to mind. Although I don't recommend Dick Blick. I have not had a positive experience with them. If I am in  hurry I'll shop at Hobby Lobby, but I don't really care for this store either. Where do you buy your art supplies? Can you recommend somebody new?


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Veg said...

Hey! Glad to see you back on here. Things settling down?